Setareh Salamat Products

Made from the highest quality materials

  • Weekly medication calendar

    Using a weekly medication calendar greatly reduces the likelihood of forgetting medication. The health star medicine calendar is designed with a transparent container and shows high impact resistance.
    تقویم دارویی هفتگی
  • Daily medication calendar

    Setareh Salamat Daily Pharmaceutical Calendar, which is designed with a transparent compartment, is designed and produced with the best quality in order not to forget the use of the drug and also to reduce the mistake in its use.
    تقویم دارویی هفتگی
  • Adult helper

    The inhaler or inhaler is suitable for patients suffering from respiratory problems. By distributing and delivering the drug directly to the lungs, Demyar helps to have a greater effect and higher functional speed compared to liquid drugs or even pills.
    دم یار بزرگسال
  • Children’s lives

    The pediatric mouthpiece is designed so that there is no need to spray in front of the baby's mouth. Only with normal breathing, spray material is received.
    دم یار اطفال
  • Oxygen mask

    6- If the mask is pressed, it is enough to put it in the sun or heat it with a little hair dryer.
    ماسک اکسیژن
  • Shield

    The face shield is a practical tool in the field of medicine, dentistry and has many industrial applications. The shield is suitable for covering the whole face to protect the eyes, mouth, nose from secretions and droplets. It also protects us from contamination and chemicals.
    شیلد صورت
  • Oxygen interface hose

    One of the most important medical equipment that is used in all hospitals, clinics, treatment centers and even homes is the oxygen generator. This means that an oxygen mask is required to use it.
    شیلنگ رابط اکسیژن
  • Nasal oxygen

    The use of pure oxygen plays an important role in controlling respiratory diseases and controlling potential risks. In operating rooms, ICUs, ICUs, as well as for respiratory patients, it is necessary to use an oxygen nozzle to deliver oxygen.
    نازال اکسیژن


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